GPQHE initial released. GPQHE is a reference implementation of CKKS homomorphic encryption scheme. It is a free software under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1, and its architecture is designed analog to HEAAN, NewHope and Crystal-Kyber. This is the reason for its name: "G" stands for LGPL series license, "PQ" stands for post-quantum, and "HE" stands for homomorphic encryption. Except using Libgcrypt for multi-precision integer management, GPQHE does not rely on any existing HE library. The architecture and design details of GPQHE are explained in Section 3.4 (the polynomial arithmetics), Chapter 4 (Leveled Homomorphic Encryption for Approximate Numbers) and Section 6.2.1 (Obtaining Primes for RNS and its Linked-list Management) in my thesis.