Table of Contents

2022.12 HECTR

HECTR: (Leveled) H omomorphic E ncrypted (Model Predictive) C on TR oller. This is my master thesis.

2022.10 GPQHE

GPQHE: A C library doing fully homomorphic encryption under the license of LGPL.

  • Except using Libgcrypt (the cryptographic library in Linux kernel) for multi-precision integer (MPI) management, it does not rely on any existing HE libraries;
  • Support NTT and MPI-RNS (residual number system) conversion in polynomial multiplication;
  • Support basic HE primitives, linear transformation, digits extraction, nonlinear functions and ciphertext comparison;
  • Purely written in C, and utilize linked-list for context parameters management;
  • Valgrind is used to guarantee that no memory leakage is possible.