About Me


Name: Shouran Ma (马守然)

Location: Aachen, Germany

Email: LTH Mail / Gmail

GitHub: Shouran Ma (OChicken)


Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, German


I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in LTH Lund, focusing on side-channel attack to PQC.
Prior to that, I studied theoretical physics (condensed matter theory) in RWTH Aachen and graduated as a M.Sc.
Prior to that, I studied applied physics in SCUT South China University of Technology and graduated as a B.Sc.
Prior to that, I studied in Guangzhou No.2 High School.
Prior to that, I studied in Guangzhou Yingyuan (应元) middle school, in which I got the funny name OChicken (O鸡)

Tech Stack

Operation system Arch Linux
Editor GNU Emacs, Sublime Text
Programming language C, C++, Python
Typesetting language LaTeX, Emacs Org mode, Markdown
Code analysis Cling, Valgrind, readelf, objdump, nm, ldd
Software build system GNU gcc, GNU make
Version control system Git
Cryptographic library Libgcrypt, OpenSSL
Mathematical library PARI/GP, SageMath, NTL, GNU Octave, LAPACK
Plotting TikZ, Gnuplot, LibreOffice Draw
misc QEMU-KVM, Raspberry Pi


2023.11.14: Share my Emacs workspace, its code is in this repo.
2023.10.31: The web version of HCWSA is available.
2023.10.11: HCWSA: Handbuch der Chinesischen Wissenschaftler und Studenten in Aachen version 2023 is released.
2023.06.22: I was admitted as a PhD candidate in LTH Lund.
2023.04.24: The master thesis won a prize in OpenMPC Hackathon, and will be warded 10,000 CNY (~ 1290 EUR).
2023.02.22: Passed the master colloquium.
2022.12.24: Completed the master thesis: HECTR (Leveled) Homomorphic Encrypted Model Predictive Control.
2022.10.31: Release GPQHE as a side-project of the master thesis.