About Me


Name: Shouran Ma (马守然)

Location: Aachen, Germany

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

GitHub: Shouran Ma (OChicken)

Languages: Cantonese (Muttersprache), Mandarin, English, German (elementary)


I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in LTH Lund, focusing on side-channel attack to PQC.
Prior to that, I studied theoretical physics (condensed matter theory) in RWTH Aachen University and graduated as a M.Sc.
Prior to that, I studied applied physics in South China University of Technology (SCUT) and graduated as a bachelor.
Prior to that, I studied in Guangzhou No.2 High School.
Prior to that, I studied in Guangzhou Yingyuan (应元) middle school, in which I got the funny name OChicken (O鸡).

Tech Stack

Operation system: Arch Linux (since 2018)
Programming language: C, C++, Python, LaTeX
Code analysis: Cling, Valgrind, readelf, objdump, nm, ldd
Version control system: Git
Software build system: GNU gcc, GNU make
Cryptographic library: Libgcrypt, OpenSSL
Mathematical library: PARI/GP, SageMath, NTL, GNU Octave, LAPACK
Software as tool chain: Gnuplot, LibreOffice Draw, QEMU-KVM, Raspberry Pi
Editor: Emacs


2023.09.01: The documentation of this website configuration is available.
2023.06.22: I was admitted as a PhD candidate in LTH Lund.
2023.04.24: The master thesis won a prize in OpenMPC Hackathon, and will be warded 10,000 CNY (~ 1290 EUR).
2023.02.22: Passed the master colloquium.
2022.12.24: Completed the master thesis. I would prefer to name it (Leveled) Homomorphic Encrypted Model Predictive Control, though the original title is not this. The code is HECTR.
2022.10.31: Release GPQHE as a side-project of the master thesis.