Personal Projects

This VPS Server

This VPS Server hosts this blog as well as a proxy relay to bypass GFW. Read this full documentation (in CN) for its configuration.

As a blog

This blog is maintained by and powered by with . Its color scheme is adapted from generated by .

As a proxy relay

Most websites such as Google and ChatGPT are blocked by the GFW, so a proxy relay located oversea is essential for my family and friends to see the world clearer. My server hosts the service to accomplish this task. Read this wiki (in EN) for a brief explanation on how it works.

HCWSA: Handbuch der Chinesischen Wissenschaftler und Studenten in Aachen (in CN)

During I working in VCWSA Verein der Chinesischen Wissenschaftler und Studenten in Aachen e.V., we published a handbook for Chinese students, and I am the core editor.

  • The web view is available here.
  • The PDF view is hosted on VCWSA as well as available here.
  • The nightly build is in this repo.

My Local Workspace (in EN)

My Emacs dot files.